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Systemic Change Program

The principle of systemic change, in the context of works among the poor, looks beyond providing food, clothing and shelter. Its particular focus is on assisting the needy to change structures in which they live and on helping them develop strategies by which they can emerge from poverty. “Systemic change” goes beyond that and focuses on the whole system. Put differently, systematic change describes a process: a way of bringing about a result. In contrast, systemic change is a result in which a complete series of interacting elements are transformed.

The Program envisages the social and economic empowerment of the Dalits, Women and the marginal Farmers in the selected 67 villages spread out in 46 Gram Panchayats of Basti Sadar Block through the idea of Systemic change with the support of with the support of SCN Ministry Fund, U.S.A. We do the mentoring and empowerment of the excluded People in the selected villages of Basti Sadar Block in Basti District for Systemic Changes through the formation of CBOs and right based approach.These villages have a sizable population of excluded sections viz the Dalits, Muslims, Disabled and economically weaker sections. The majority of them are having very low educational status and hence largely unemployable, particularly the women, living below poverty line. Many of the youth adopt migration to other cities in search of livelihood. It is largely agricultural belt with good possibility for agro based activities for livelihood and economic progress. The communities are plagued with caste and class based discriminations, cultural and gender barriers and are blocked from getting their due share in the society. Lack of awareness and poor associational strength of these excluded continue to keep them exploited, which necessitates our accompaniment and mentoring for rights and entitlements. The purpose of the project is to mainstream the poor and the excluded and empower them socially and financially.

Our interventions with the support from SCN Ministry Funding Network benefited about 868 families of SHG members, 1260 women who are members of the Nai Disha Mahila Samiti and 468 farmers of the Farmers Clubs. The total population in the selected area of 46 Gram Panchayats is 1,96,225 in which, 44,391 are of Scheduled Castes (Dalits), 99,073 are of Backward Castes and 52,761 are of the General category.

Case Studies

Wonder of Milk made the woman happy and prosperous (milk to money)

It is likely for every woman to dream of a prosperous family life. However, she lives this prosperous life only in her dreams due to the massive poverty and unemployment. Even when they are ready to work it is hard to find any generous hearts who would employ them.

Roshni self-help group formed in village Narayanpur of Bahadarpur block in 2016 has brought about a drastic change in the lives of the people there. there are 14 women members in the group each depositing Rs 100 towards saving. Mrs. Sunanda Devi, wife of Ramlout is a member of this group. She earned her living from the little amount she got from daily wages.

It was her dream to rear a buffalo because she saw many nearby families leading prosperous lives by selling the milk and calves. But poverty and other difficulties never allowed her to find enough money to buy one. At the time of discussion in the group, she expressed her desire to take loan from the group and buy a buffalo. The dream was materialized when the group decided to give her a loan of Rs 5000. In the course of time, the buffalo she purchased started giving milk and she could repay the loan. At present she owns many buffaloes and she sells all milk products. She is proud to contribute to the income of the family and has the satisfaction of leading a prosperous life like many other families.

Multiple ventures with the help of self- help groups

Self- help groups run under the guidance of DISA are given directions on income generating methods in their monthly meeting. Women associated with this group got ideas how they can start creative income generating work and many came forward and became fine example for others.

  • Mrs vidhyavati Devi member of Bhais Barha of Basti Sadar Block took loan of 15000 to open medical store for her son.
  • Mrs. Soharata Devi of MahaLaxmi Self Help Group took loan of 15000 to open shoes shop for her son.
  • Mrs. Indravati Devi of Azad Self Help Group, Kadauva ghat took loan of 15000 to open shoes shop for her son.
  • Mrs. Ram Dulari of Aradhana Self Help Group, Kurhapatti, took loan of 10,000 to open a Cosmetics shop.
  • Mrs. Tarabunnish of Mohammad Self Help Group, Baksar took loan of 5000 to invest in her husband's tailoring shop.
  • Mrs. Kailashi of Chandni Self Help Group, Khadauva Khurd took loan of 5000 to open vegetable shop.
  • Mrs. Savitri of Sheetal Self Help Group, Ramvapur took loan of 5000 to buy new machine for her daughter's Tailoring shop.
  • Mrs. Urmila of Jaymatha Self Help Group, Katri took loan of 10,000 to open small scale grocery shop.
  • Mrs. Dashradha and Sunita Devi of Sarvesh Self Help Group, Dudhaura took loan of 5000 to open vegetable shop.